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Reivers Supported Tour

A challenging fully supported tour - Border Patrol

The Reivers coast to coast cycling route takes its name from the part of the world it passes through, mainly the borderlands between England and Scotland, where raiding gangs and clans broke out of the wilderness rampaging through villages before disappearing again into the countryside. These gangs were the reivers who dominated the border and were celebrated and feared with equal measure. Thankfully those days are no more and we are free to enjoy the amazing scenery that surrounds these frontier lands.

Panoramic photograph of Tynemouth Priory

This adventure begins in Tynemouth by dipping your back wheel into the North Sea (a custom taken from the older C2C route) before riding into the open Northumberland countryside. Riding along trails in the Kielder forest before dipping into Scotland. This tour also spends a night in Carlise, giving you the opportunity to explore this historic city.

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Supported Tours

3/2 58 £435
4/3 43 £510
5/4 35 £570
6/5 29 £650

For our Reivers self-guided tour and costs please click: Reivers Self-guided Tour

Beginning on the North Sea to take advantage of the friendlier gradient going west to east (short steep climbs and longer flatter descents) this tour averages around 43 miles, although there are two longer days and two shorter days. This tour takes in amazing and contrasting scenery from the coastline on the east and west coasts, through picturesque towns and villages as well as the border city of Carlisle, the forest of Kielder and the hills and mountains of the Lake District and the Pennines. A beautiful and adventurous 173 mile tour taking you from coast to coast, and from England to Scotland and back again.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about this tour.

* All prices per person based on two people sharing.
Back-up Vehicle
2-8 Nights B&B and lunch
Snacks, Fruit, Tea, Coffee and Water
Transfer Back to Start Point
Single Room Supplement
Child Trailer/Tag-Along
Extra night at the beginning of your stay
OROS commemorative T-shirt
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