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While travelling through Southern Thailand celebrating the completion of his first marathon, Shane met a fellow traveller who told him about his bike journey through South-East Asia. Excitement immediately started to set in and Shane was already planning his first tour. Why hadn't anyone suggested this before?! He first started touring around The Uk and Ireland, before heading off to China for a job and some time to plan cycling home. Five years and many thousands of miles in the saddle later, Shane met another fellow traveller – Kay. He told her about his cycle tours across Asia, through Eastern Europe and around The Uk and Ireland. That same excitement that had taken hold of Shane started to simmer in Kay, why hadn't anyone suggested this to her before?

Shane on a bike tour

We've now been pedalling, travelling and exploring together for the last six years. It had dawned on us both within our first few days cycling that it really was the best way to see new places; it didn't take any longer than that to realise we'd fallen head over heels in love with touring. With each day of cycling that passes, whether it is going over a mountain pass, crossing a country, or a few days cycling from village to village the feelings of accomplishment and joy grow and grow.

We are both very outdoorsy people, we like discovering new places and love seeing nature and animals in their own habitats. We also like to run, both of us have completed numerous marathons, and long distance races. Our interests gives us a love of the outdoors and we love hearing stories from other people about their adventures.

Kay on a bike tour

As someone once spread the word and introduced us to our favourite way to travel, we want to pass on the message and help you to discover just how rewarding and breathtaking cycling through different parts of a country can be.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide outstanding cycling holiday adventures, through amazing areas of natural beauty and through charming and historic cities, towns and villages. We want to provide holidays for all abilities and time constraints, which is why we have specially chosen numerous options for our cycling adventures. We think and hope they meet the requirement for all independent cyclists.

Our philosophy for our adventure tours is to find and plan unique tours which grab your attention and make you sit up and think, 'Yes, that's the cycling adventure for me'. Our adventure tours first have to excite us before we would think about offering them as a tour. Our twelve years of bike touring across multiple countries and continents has shown the importance of a well thought-out and planned trip; in organising your tours - we use our experience to enable your experience of cycle touring to be as amazing as possible.

We are a family-run business with such a passion for touring that we want to share it with as many people as possible. The fresh air, the great outdoors, history, food, people along with gently (or vigorously!) discovering new areas of the world will bring a whole new meaning to the world of travel. We love cycling and we do believe cycling is the Goldilocks of travelling. Walking is just too slow, driving is way too fast, pedalling through the country is just right.

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Places We've Cycled By - How's Your Geography?

  • Waterville.JPG
  • ArmouryPetra.JPG
  • CowboyTrail.JPG
  • GapOfDunloe.JPG
  • GiantsCauseway.JPG
  • Afyon.JPG
  • GlacierNPEntrance.JPG
  • Icefields.JPG
  • Yaks.JPG
  • Barleycove.JPG
  • LoughNeagh.JPG
  • Turpan.JPG
  • UluCami.JPG
  • MenaiStrait.JPG
  • Amman.JPG
  • ConwyCastle.JPG
  • SpanishBull.JPG
  • SanliurfaFortress.JPG
  • Galway.JPG
  • NemrutDag.JPG
  • Manchester.JPG
  • Belgrade.JPG
  • Konya.JPG
  • GlacierNP.JPG
  • Seville.JPG
  • KrakDesChevaliers.JPG
  • CadizBeach.JPG
  • BaldEagleRockies.JPG
  • ChurchofNiceaIznik.JPG
  • Karakorum.JPG
  • VancouverBridge.JPG
  • WildAtlanticWay.JPG
  • Yangshou.JPG
  • Salamanca.JPG
  • IcefieldsParkway.JPG
  • Lahore.JPG
  • HunzaValley.JPG
  • Kyber.JPG
  • Cleveland.jpg
  • Lismore.JPG
  • BuffaloBorder.JPG
  • RainyPass.JPG
  • FortressAllepo.JPG
  • VancouverIsland.JPG
  • DrSuessCappadocia.JPG
  • Deqing.jpg
  • Sofia.JPG
  • Nemrut.JPG
  • Ephesus.JPG
  • Chicago.JPG
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