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How easy or difficult we rate each tour

Our challenge ratings are guides, we provide them to help you choose your ideal trip-one that best fits your fitness level, ability and the type of holiday you're looking for.

Levels are assigned based on distance and elevation gained on each tour. Daily mileage and climb types are provided in the Daily Itinerary and Tour Notes.

If you are unsure of a tour's suitability, don't hesitate to contact us, and do not let any of the challenge levels put you off a tour-we understand that tours are sometimes booked as challenges, a goal for someone to aim for.

1/5 A stroll in the park.

Easily accessible for people with a minimum level of fitness, covering distances of up to 15 miles a day over generally flat ground, with minor or gentle slopes.

2/5 A family day out.

A good introduction to cycle holidays if you are keen to try but unsure of your ability. Covers up to 25 miles a day with some gentle inclines. A relaxed trip for people with a basic level of fitness.

3/5 Exercising your lungs.

For people who keep themselves relatively fit and healthy. Rides of up to 40 miles a day with some brief steep inclines with rides lasting a few hours every day. Not necessarily for the regular cyclist; people who are ok with these distances and terrain will get great enjoyment from these tours.

4/5 Pumping those pins.

For the regular cyclist. Covering up to 60 miles a day with steep climbs also thrown in. For the fitter of us looking to spend longer days in the saddle and are actively seeking hills to climb.

5/5 Hungry Cyclists.

For the regular cyclist looking for a challenge. Distances of over 60 miles a day including steep and numerous climbs and full day rides. For the experienced and bike fit tourers.
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