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Our different tours types and holidays

Our tours have been divided into four different types: SELF-GUIDED, SUPPORTED, GUIDED, and DAY tours. Below you will find out what each tour entails, for us and for you.

For any questions you have, or more information you need, just send us an email at info@openroadopenskies or call us on 01457862095.


Self-guided cycling holidays

Our self-guided tours are designed for people confident enough to complete a particular tour by themselves (or with a group) and with basic cycling knowledge so as to be able to fix basic problems such as a flat tyre. Self-guided tours are provided with everything needed to complete the tour comfortably and enjoyably, including - if booked - bike, helmet, pannier, water bottle, map (hard copy and GPX), lock and repair kit. We also transport your luggage daily from your hotel to hotel (bnb, guesthouse, etc), maps and itinerary, as well as transfers back to the starting point for you, your bikes and luggage, if required.

On the first day of the tour you will be met by an Open Road Open Skies representitive who will give you an introduction outlining the tour, some ideas for you along the route, provide you with emergency contact numbers and arrange a place to meet at the end of the tour. As well as being able to rent bikes and equipment, we can also provide many other optional extras including support vehicles and extra days accommodation at the beginning, during and the end of the tour. We have other optional extras which are detailed on each tour page.

Our tours are designed to have a range to suit all levels and abilities.


Supported Cycling Tours

All of our tours can be booked as a private supported tour for groups. On our supported tours the minimum group size is two with no maximum. Bed and breakfast is provided at cycle friendly accommodation

The back up van will always be close at hand, leap frogging you throughout the day and always only a phone call away. The back-up van will carry tools, spare parts, and will also carry snacks, water, tea and coffee which you are more than welcome to have during your ride. Daily luggage transportation from accommodation to accommodation. Transportation back to the start of the tour to help you on your way back home.

You will be provided with detailed tour notes and maps, and each morning your tour leader will provide you with information on the day's cycling, allowing you to cycle at your leisure. As with all our other tours, all the equipment needed to complete the tour can be provided, including bicycles, helmets, panniers, water bottle, map, etc.

Our different supported tours require different levels of ability so please refer to challenge rating before deciding on which tour to book, if you are unsure please email or call us for advice on the different tours.


Day Tours

Our day tours are mini group adventures around the some of the northern England's National Parks. We can adapt the range and difficulty to suit each group. Guide, bikes and snacks included.


Guided Bike Tours

Essentially we are bicycle tourers. All our tours are to places where we would want to go,they are designed with excitement in minds. We go to places that stir the imagination and we are constantly looking for new ideas and new places to visit.

Like our supported tours, all of our tours can be booked as a guided tour. All of the extras that are included in supported tours are included in guided tours, where you also get the advantage of being accompanied on your tour by a knowlegeable guide. As with supported tours the level of of support can be decided beforehand.

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